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In creating this series, we found many excellent resources already available. Here are some of our favorites, including resources for specific crops. 
Do you have a relevant resource or tool to add? Please let us know. 

Grower Tools and Services | Diagnosing Injury | Drift Mechanics | Crop Specific Resources 

Grower Tools and Services

Herbicide Label Information

Google Earth
Free online tool for generating aerial satellite maps.

State Pesticide Regulatory Agencies 
Association of American Pesticide Control Officials
Links for all state regulatory agencies. Check updated regulations for your state and complaints procedure.

Leaf Index and Severity Rating 
Washington State
Created for grape growers to document the progression of damage but may be useful for other growers as well. Tips on damage terms, what to look for, and how and what to document over time.

Drift Watch
Provides a directory of state sensitive crop registries and sells field signs.

U.S. Tolerances and Exemptions for Pesticide Chemical Residues in Food
Code of Federal Regulation, Title 40, Part 180

Grower Tools and Services | Diagnosing Injury | Drift Mechanics | Crop Specific Resources 

Diagnosing Drift Injury

University of Missouri Herbicide Inury ID App
The Herbicide Injury ID app helps you diagnose plant damage that may have been caused by herbicides and links to herbicide information and other resources. Works for Android and iPhone/iPad.

IPM Herbicide Symptoms database
University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources  
A searchable gallery of herbicide damage photos for a wide variety of crops and products, plus information on herbicide trade names, active ingredients, and modes of action.

Herbicide Injury Website
North Carolina State Extension 
An excellent series of fact sheets and photos on the symptoms of common herbicides on several fruit and vegetable crops. Also includes a handy Injury Site Visit check list.

Herbicide Site of Action Key
University of Wisconsin 
Compact but useful 2-page key to identifying herbicide plant injury noticed at emergence or later in the growing season.

Plant Injury from Herbicide Residue
Virginia Cooperative Extension Service Publication PPWS-77P
Discusses effects and persistence of several growth regulator herbicides, including dicamba and 2,4-D.

University of Missouri Herbicide Damage Trials
Excellent photos of drift damage at various levels of severity 
* Investigations of Sensitivity of Ornamental, Fruit, and Nut Plant Species to 2,4-D and Dicamba
* Evaluations of Dicamba and 2,4-D Injury on Common Vegetable and Flower Species,4-D%202018.pdf

Diagnosing Herbicide Injury on Garden and Landscape Plants
Purdue Extension
Smart diagnostic tips written for homeowners.

Dicamba and 2,4-D Visual Sensitivity Scale for 2017
The University of Georgia
Comparative sensitivities among common horticultural crops.

Grower Tools and Services | Diagnosing Injury | Drift Mechanics | Crop Specific Resources 

Drift Mechanics

Air Temperature Inversions Causes, Characteristics and Potential Effects on Pesticide Spray Drift 
North Dakota State Online Publication AE1705 (Revised Oct. 2019)

The Deal with Dicamba
National Agricultural Law Center
Detailed information on dicamba legal developments.

Why are temperature inversions important when deciding on whether we should spray?
Dave Nicolai, University of Minnesota Extension Crops
Short video explaining temperature inversions and why they are a big deal.

Five Things We’ve Learned about Dicamba
University of Missouri 
Recent findings on temperature inversions, pH effects on volatilization, and plant drift injury.

Best Practices for Spraying 
Check your state extension service for state-specific resources. Below are some excellent and recently updated resources from Ohio State. 

Crop Specific Resources

Herbicide Mode of Action and Sugar Beet Injury
North Dakota State University

Questions and Answers About Vineyard Injury from Herbicide Drift
Kanas State University
includes a list of varieties and their comparative susceptibility to 2,4-D

Report Herbicide Injury to Trees and Landscape Plants - Nebraska only

Grower Tools and Services | Diagnosing Injury | Drift Mechanics | Crop Specific Resources