Working Group Materials

Get Involved With Our Working Group

We meet annually in the fall to discuss the coming year's projects. For 2022 we hope to discuss ways to better collaborate and share research efforts related to herbicide drift. We welcome contributions and involvement from others. Please be in touch if you...

  • have a relevant resource or other addition or comment to our fact sheet series.
  • would like printed copies of the fact sheets at
  • have an idea for a future project of shared regional value for our working group to consider. 
  • would like to be added to our mailing list for future meetings. 

Materials on Current Survey of Drift Damage

  • Preview the survey tool. This is not a live survey. Please do not share it with growers. You can answer the questions to see how the survey works and view the questions in advance. Your responses will not be saved or stored.  
  • Help Distribute the Survey. If you would like to help distribute our survey to your grower network, please contact project manager Cassandra Brown. We will send you announcements with a unique survey link, along with reminders to share and updates on the number of clicks your unique link has received. Individual survey responses will be anonymous and grouped regionally. 
  • Participate. If you are a grower who would like to take this survey, we will provide a general link here as soon as the survey is live. 
  • From outside the region? Please note, this survey is intended only for the North Central IPM Center's service area. If you are from another region and would like to use our survey tool, we are more than happy to share.